Diamondbacks Legends Race

In 2010 the Arizona Diamondbacks introduced a new in-game race featuring caricatures representing four Arizona Diamondbacks Legends. The Legends are Luis Gonzalez, Mark Grace, Randy Johnson, and Matt Williams. At the end of the fifth inning the Legends will race from the visitor's bullpen in right field along the edge of the playing surface past the visitor's dugout on the first base line around the plate ending at the home team's on-deck circle. Each of the legends represent a section of the stadium. The winning section receives a prize from Jack-in-the-Box who is sponsoring the races.

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Legends Race Results
Year Luis Gonzalez Mark Grace Randy Johnson Matt Williams
2010 17 0 13 15
2011 28 0 31 22
2012 24 0 29 27
2013 28 0 29 26
2014 13 0 9 12
Totals 110 0 111 102


Whenever I am at the game those sitting around me always want to know which Legend won the last race so they can attempt to predict the winner that night. As a result I am now tracking this information in my scorebook. Check back often to see how your favorite Legend is doing. If you would like to weigh in on the Mark Grace Legend never winning, stop by LetGraceWin.com.