There's nothing quite like going to the ballpark. There is just something special about handing your ticket to a smiling usher and having him lead you towards the greenest grass you have ever seen.

chaseentryThe smell of freshly cut grass hovers in the stadium mixing with the aromas of cooking hot dogs and roasted peanuts. Those sights and smells take you back to your childhood where long summer days and cool evenings meant there were no cares in the world. You could leave your troubles behind and dream of a day when you would be playing baseball rubbing shoulders with some of the games greatest players.

For many of us those dreams evaporated as we grew older but are rekindled every time you walk through the turnstiles of a Major League Baseball stadium. Watching baseball at home with all of the high-tech gadgetry is great but it will never replace the experiences at the ballpark.

The Arizona Diamondbacks make it easy to love the game. Year in and year out this franchise is voted among the most fan-friendly and most affordable. Isn't it time you took in a ballgame at Chase Field to see what you have been missing?

Here you will find information on single-game tickets as well as season tickets to help you get your fix of baseball for the season.


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